The following process can be used to register a second hand key fob with your vehicle:

  1. Open driver's door.
  2. Insert a valid key in to the ignition of the vehicle and remove it. Do not turn on the vehicle.
  3. Using a key, lock and unlock the car five times using the driver's door lock. Wait 1 second between cycles.
  4. Close the driver's door and open it.
  5. Lock and unlock the car five times using the driver's door lock. Wait 1 second between cycles.
  6. Put the key in the ignition and turn the vehicle On then Off once if you add a new key, or twice if you want to overwite a previously registered fob. If the procedure was correct, the controller confirms the learning mode by locking and unlocking all doors once when adding a add key mode and twice when overwritting a previous fob.
  7. Press and hold the button on the fob remote for at least one second. 
  8. Again press and hold the button on the remote at least one second. 
  9. If the controller accepted the key it will close and open the central door lock once.
  10. If you have other keys repeat 7-9 steps within 20 seconds.
  11. To end programing, close the door or put the key in the ignition.