This is the first hurdle an NHW10 owner will face when something goes wrong with the car. Unfortunately, most car mechanics will not have the right scanner to be able to diagnose what is wrong with the car. 

Here are a few options:

TECU 3Edit

This is a free software created by Valentin8080 that can be downloaded from his site:

You will need to purchase a cheap USB VAG COM K Line adapter, such as:

While the software is in Russian, it is possible to install translations of the important data screens.

See here for full instructions on how to scan your car: Quick guide to scanning NHW10

Toyota Techstream 7 or 8Edit

This software from Toyota recognises the NHW10 and appears to have features to allow you to diagnose clear error codes.

The software requires a Toyota TIS hardware connector, but cheap 3rd party alternatives are available on eBay (such as: (

In order to use the NHW10 features of the software, you need to set your Techstream to Japanese language and locale. This makes it a little difficult to use. However, with the help of GetWindowText ( and Google Translate, it is possible.

ELM 327 Based SoftwareEdit

Basic scanning of the car can be be performed with an ELM 327 wired or bluetooth adapter by software that supports ISO 14230-4 Keyword Protocol 2000.

Car Gauge Lite for Android currently supports basic engine parameters of the NHW10.


This is a NZ company that makes a universal scanner which is also able to connect to the NHW10. Since this is a produce aimed at car mechanics, it s a little expensive for the average owner.

Tecno S2000 with NHW10 cardEdit

This hand held, official, Toyota scanner is expensive and very very rare.

You don't only need a functional scanner (part no: 95170-20090), but also a special NHW10 memory card (part no: 09991-60801) for it to be able to talk to the car.


I don't really know much about this scanner, but I've heard that it is able to scan the car.